Bernadette is an intuitive Empath and can feel energy and emotions from people, places and Animals. She has worked in the Pet industry as a Dog and Cat Groomer for over 20 years and can communicate with her animal clients. Bernadette enjoys doing Tarot Readings and will use her Claircognizant abilities to read your Tarot and pick up on any messages to help guide you with the answers you are looking for. She can guide you to make the right decisions and give you hope when you feel stuck. Bernadette is a solitary witch and believes in the power of manifestation. The power of the mind and your thoughts can raise your vibrations and bring you, your hearts desire.

Bernadette is also Reiki Healer for Pets and people. Pets immediately feel a connection and will benefit greatly from a Reiki healing session. People feel calm and soothed during a Reiki healing session and benefit from their Chakras being balanced. Bernadette became aware of her gifts when she was very young. She grew up in a difficult home and pets were thrown away. She took the animals in and cared for them and found that she could communicate and heal them.

Phone: 720-785-0609


Services offered by Bernadette:

$50 for a 30 minute reading $100 for a one hour psychic reading.

Reiki for people: $50 for 30 minutes and $100 for an hour.

Pet Reiki: $40 for 30 minutes. If there needs to be a home visit for the pet, there is a mileage charge.

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