Andarta is the owner of Psychic Healers of Avalon, and she is a professional psychic who performs tarot and oracle card readings, past life regressions, shamanic journey work, and Reiki healing. Andarta is an Empath who can sense people’s feelings, as well as a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, to hear and see any messages that people need to know. She is a Reiki Master who heals people with Reiki energy, as well as teaches Reiki classes. She also is a high priestess who performs legal handfastings and weddings, and is a Priestess of Avalon, who helps the land and the people to heal. She is a Druid, and a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD). One of her crafts is to create anointing oils, which are used for ritual purposes, simple candle magic, and with some oils, can be used as a perfume and bath oil. Andarta makes envelope spell kits that are used for various types of spells. She also performs various rituals and spells, such as house cleansings and protection spells. She performs Reiki healing to humans and animals. And Andarta is also an English professor who holds a Bachelors in English, a Masters in Composition and Rhetoric, and a Doctorate in Medieval Literature,  utilizing her knowledge of ancient languages and the Arthurian legends in her Magickal Writing classes.

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Phone: 580-430-1015


Instagram: @readingsbyandarta


YouTube Channel: Priestess Andarta–

Services Offered by Andarta:

  • 30 minute reading–$75
  • 60 minute reading, past life regression, or Reiki sessions–$150
  • House blessing for 1500 sq. foot home–$150 plus mileage
  • House clearing for 1500 sq. foot home–$300 plus mileage
  • Handfastings and Weddings–$200 plus mileage
  • Wiccanings and Baby Naming Ceremonies–$100 plus mileage
  • Psychic, pagan, or spiritual classes–$50 a class; $45 if schedule twice a month
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